welcome back!!!

well hello there it been a long time.
This year David has left. We still have in our team Liam,Braydon and me(Daniel) I dont no but liam may not be helping because he is not doing ict at the moment.

Back to the cricket side of it.

Cricket has finished in Australia

England won the ashes

Australia won the one dayers

At the world cup Australia got sent home in the semi finals and braydon will wight a post on that soon


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World Cup Trophy
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The Ashes

Australia have lost the second ashes test against england. England hold a 1-0 lead going into the Perth test. Michael Hussey has probably been Australias best so far make more than 50 everytime he batted.

Australia MUST win this test or England will hold on to tthe ashes again.



Image: ‘MCG Day 2 – Mr Cricket

We are nominated

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Sunday Cricket Match

On sunday we played cricket against Lindisfarne lightning we bet them by about 2 runs because of James once again we were 13 runs off 2 overs at one stage but in the end we came out on top but it was a good game.

our bowling was sloppy and our bowling score was 3 for about 118, so we didn’t go to well in that area.

our batting was very good but i didn’t get to bat which i wasn’t very happy about but thats the way the cookie crumbles you can’t always get what you want.

next week we are going to play dodges ferry i think so we will hopefully beat then but we didn’t beat last time we played them, so till then good bye.


The Current Scores for the ashes is England 2/107 and australia have not batted yet. I Will Do A Ashes Coverage through the matches to keep our “Visitors” Updated! Ill Have One Tommorow showing the score.


Braydon. (:

Sunday Cricket Match

On Sunday Daniel, David Braydon and me (Liam)  had a cricket match. We played against Clarence at our home oval, we all thought they were the best team in the league but we bet them with about 3 or 4 overs to go.

Our bowling improved a heap since the last game we had, which was two weeks ago we because last weeks was rained out. We got quite a few of their players out, i bowled one of them out.

I only had one over of bowling but i opened at bating and didn’t get out. My friend James hit about 4 or 3 fours which pretty much one us the game.

Our fielding like everything had improved, we barley let them get a run.


Hey guys im Braydon 😛 i will be putting some posts on this blog aswell as Daniel, David and Liam. 🙂

So we had training and we did Batting practice, Keeping down our wides and fielding practice.

My Dad and Jerry ( Jyes Dad ) are the coaches so i get there quite early.

😛 Thanks

Sunday Cricket Game

On Sunday our cricket team played their first match, I wasnt their personally because I have a hole in my foot but Daniel, David and Braydon were there, facing the opponent.

We Didn’t win infact we went terrible, we got 50 something no balls and wides and we lost by I don’t quite Know how much we lost by, but its not about winning or losing its about hving fun.